Q: How many treatments are needed for inch-loss?

A: Some inch-loss effect is immediate after treatment but a course of 8 treatments over 4 weeks is recommended for the optimal overall loss per area.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Each treatment takes 10 minutes but depending upon the number of areas treated and allowing time for consultation and cardio-vascular work-out, appointments will be between 20 minutes and an hour.

Q: Can I give more than one treatment per session?

A: Yes, if treating different areas.

Q: How many inches should clients expect to lose?

A: Obviously, each client will be different and it will partly depend upon the amount of excess fat present to begin with, the area being treated, the number of inch-loss bars in use and the degree to which the cardio-vascular work is undertaken. However, trials statistics over 480 torso treatments show an average loss per area per session of 2.5% of start measurement. Ask for more details.

Q: Do the inches go back on?

A: This depends upon lifestyle factors – the inch-loss won’t return if adequate exercise is undertaken but the LipoGenie won’t stop inch gain where overeating or under-exercising is ongoing.

Q: How much does the LipoGenie cost?

A: This depends upon the size of system purchased but like for like you’ll find us very competitive against any alternative – call us for a tailored quotation.

Q: How often will I need to get the equipment serviced?

A: Annual service is recommended. This will entail a few days work by Omega Laser Systems Limited in the UK. Service costs are not expensive at the equivalent to approximately 2% of a system purchase cost. Temporary equipment replacement is available.

Q: Are finance options available?

A: We leave finance options to those with the expertise in the field and we can recommend finance companies who we’ve worked with over the years for those who would like to purchase on a credit basis. For details, call us on 01787 477551.

Q: Is there any pain involved in the treatment?

A: No it is completely pain-free and non-invasive. Laser light of specified wavelength and power is passed into the tissue but the effect is dependent upon gentle biochemical response, not destruction of cells as with certain surgical lasers.

Q: Is it safe?

A: Yes. The low level laser light stimulates the natural process that the body uses to release the energy from the fat cells to fuel its exercise. Low level laser therapy in general has been used for some 30 years for a range of applications without negative side effects. Clients with a small number of conditions should be excluded from treatment – ask for details.

Q: Do I get any support to launch the introduction of my LipoGenie?

A: Yes, ask us about roller banners, advertisement templates and brochures.

Q: Is LipoGenie for everyone?

A: Most people will be able to have treatment. A medical questionnaire is provided for the pre-treatment consultation which will identify if someone has a condition or is on medication which prohibits treatment.

Q: Are there any regulatory requirements relating to low level laser inch-loss systems?

A: Regulation differs depending upon country of use. In the UK, clinics need to comply with Health and Safety legislation and in some regions to get a special treatment licence from their local authority – call for more specific advice.

How does it compare with other methodologies?

The LipoGenie delivers non-invasive laser lipolysis. This is a completely safe technique which involves triggering a natural metabolic process. Most equipment-based alternative methods of body sculpting involve the destruction of target cells as a primary or incidental action. Examples include: Cryolipolysis, Radio Frequency and Ultrasound Cavitation.
Although one might think that getting rid of fat cells could provide a more permanent solution, in fact, it does not stop fat being re-deposited, it simply means that the fat would be deposited in alternative less usual places. This can result in even less aesthetically pleasing results with oddly positioned fat accumulations.

Why is exercise recommended?

Any body sculpting method which empties or destroys the fat cells without physically removing the released contents through surgical means relies upon the lymphatic system to transport these away to be metabolised.
Exercise has two functions: Firstly it encourages the swift working of the lymphatic system and secondly it uses up some or all of the energy which becomes available from the metabolised fat.
Alternative methods which destroy the cells create cell debris in addition to the fatty contents so unless they cut their consumption, clients need to exercise just as much if not more than with laser lipolysis to avoid re-depositing of fat in new places.
Claims that exercise is not necessary with certain systems are only correct to the extent that none of the methods, LipoGenie included, requires exercise to achieve the initial effect – results will come without extra exercise. However, manufacturers who don’t mention that the effect won’t last if the potential energy created by their treatments is not used, are only telling part of the story.

Is the inch-loss permanent?

The inch-loss does not simply reverse, but in common with results from every equipment-based inch-loss system which does not physically cut or suck the fat from the body, if the potential energy created by the metabolisation of the released fatty contents of the cells is not ultimately used, the fat can be re-deposited in time. The recommended exercise helps ensure that the effect is long-lasting and builds through the course of treatments.

Should the equipment have medical certification?

The LipoGenie is made by Omega Laser Systems Limited which is primarily a manufacturer of medically certified equipment but the laser inch-loss application is considered by the certification bodies acting under the EU medical directive to be a cosmetic one and as such is not recognised as medically certifiable. The LipoGenie is therefore certified for the cosmetic use for which it is intended.

Do I need Insurance?

Insurance is something which every professional clinic or independent clinician should have to treat the public, whatever the treatment. As a responsible manufacturer we would therefore always recommend insurance for those offering LipoGenie treatments.

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