LipoGenie Equipment

The core LipoGenie system is for inch-loss body sculpting. The equipment is top quality from a UK manufacturer who has made medical standard low level lasers for some 20 years. Even so, it is amongst the best value system per laser diode. The great news is that other packages can be added on as and when clinics feel like extending their range of services because all other cosmetic laser probe packages use the same multi-function base unit.

Systems are supplied with a year’s warranty which includes temporary replacement equipment for UK customers during any necessary repair. Extended warranties are available for complete peace of mind. For more details or for overseas arrangements – please contact us.


LipoGenie for Inch-Loss

LipoGenie Unit

For body-sculpting inch-loss, the full system includes:

  • Multi-function base unit
  • 10 inch-loss bars containing 60 laser diodes in total
  • 2 single-diode lymph probes
  • 2 pairs of protective laser goggles
  • 6 fabric straps
  • Launch support materials

Smaller systems are also available with fewer inch-loss bars. These are just as effective but will take more clinic time to cover the same area.

Suitable for large or small clinics, the system is compact and can even be supplied with a tailored padded carry bag for mobile use.


LipoGenie for Eye Bag Reduction

Eye Bag Probes

For Eye-Bag reduction, add this package to your LipoGenie base unit:

  • 1 Single Red-light laser (660nm x 50mW)
  • 1 Single Infra-red laser (820nm x 200mW)
  • 1 Pair of eye shields

LipoGenie for Stretch Mark Treatment

Stretch Mark Probes

For Stretch Mark Treatments, the following additional items are added to your LipoGenie system:

  • One 60-diode cluster probe (multi-wavelength)
  • One 5 diode cluster probe (660nm, 50mw)
  • One 5 diode cluster probe (820nm, 200mW)
  • Starter pot of Dermabrasion cream

LipoGenie for Smoking Cessation Treatment

Smoking Cessation Kit

With the Smoking Cessation Treatment package, the following additional items are added to your LipoGenie system:

  • One Single Infra-red laser (820nm, 200mW)
  • Acupuncture probe tip
  • Hand probe
  • CO Monitor kit

Those who have already purchased an Eye-bag Treatment Package will already have the single infra-red laser so this presents a lower cost upgrade for them.

Please note that LipoGenie add-on packages can be calibrated to fit all Omega manufactured systems.

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